The minister said that in early 2013 will be fully implemented from the circuit to dispensing the prescription electronically in Spain.

Ana Mato has recognized the contribution and the "ongoing commitment" of pharmacists with citizens, and stressed that every day serve two million people, which provide "an important health service."

The minister also launched another message of gratitude to the pharmacy professionals, as they have managed to place within the exercise of their health interests over any other. Mato says the Ministry has expressed its intention to seek a solution to the difficulties.

Thus, in coordination with the Ministry of Finance has put in place mechanisms, such as Plan and Provider Payment Autonomous Liquidity Fund.

Mato has also recognized the success of things like the licensing or the current model of pharmacy. The latter has said it is "a model unequivocally recognized by European jurisprudence," and what he described as "essential to ensure quality care."

Picture by Ana_Mato.jpg: PP Madridderivative work: Alelapenya (Ana_Mato.jpg) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons