A dozen ice sculptures stationed at various points in central Madrid tomorrow to remind citizens that too much sun causes each year more than 700 deaths in Spain, cause melanoma, the only cancer that is increasing its influence in the country, with an annual growth of 10%.

To remind citizens that made them aware of the importance of not abusing the sun, the Cancer Foundation Skin Felix Mantilla and Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical placed about 20 figures of ice at various points in Madrid, which to melt, symbolize the loss of twenty lives because of melanoma.

Figures of ice placed in the Plaza of Spain, Plaza Cubes, Calle Princesa, Fuencarral, Moncloa, Avenida de America and the Plaza de Vazquez de Mella.

The initiative also aims to inform locals of the need to protect the skin from the sun and so their drivers distributed brochures with tips for identifying melanoma.

And, say the organizers of the activity, this type of cancer can affect anyone at any age, but is more common in people with fair skin and from age 50.

The most effective way to fight it is to influence the prevention, for which experts recommend an effective protection against ultraviolet radiation with the use of umbrellas, hats, clothing and sunscreen suitable for every skin type.

It is also important, say dermatologists, avoid prolonged sun exposure, especially in peak hours of ultraviolet radiation intensity.