According to the Spanish Society of Hypertension-Spanish League for the Fight Against Hypertension (SEH-LELHA), behavioral change caused by holidays and schedule changes cause eight out of 10 hypertensive forget to continue his treatment, total or partially.

The association of stress and hypertension can lead to serious confusion in patients with high blood pressure numbers and take them to assume that relaxation of the holiday itself can reduce these numbers and their need for treatment is lower.

Nieves Martell explains, "This, added to which, generally, the heat causes a decrease in blood pressure, causes patients to make decisions about their medication based on erroneous reasoning."

The Working Group Self-measurement of blood pressure (AMPA) of the SEH-LELHA recommended to hypertensive patients, with shifts in the summer, bring "the tensiometer into place for maximum levels at least know the once a week. "

It is important to pay special attention to food, the increase in fat and high in salt content, as well as excessive consumption of alcohol and snuff, causes changes in blood pressure.

According to Nieves Martell, if the power goes awry, "the result not only affects weight gain and a variation of stress, but also increases cholesterol, triglycerides, and even sugar." He adds that "indeed, around the holidays covers many hypertensive crisis a result of poor compliance."

Experts recommend the daily menu include fruits, vegetables and cereals, low-fat dairy, lean meats and white, blue or white fish and olive oil together to improve eating habits and stress management.