As is clear the skin must be hydrated, nourished and regenerated with creams, gels, serums ..., by age (twenty, thirty, forty and fifty onwards ...), depending on skin type (oil, mixed, dry or sensitive), or as part of the face you want to try because, for example around the eyes needs special treatment and appropriate to prevent bags and dark circles.

Morning is preferable to use a treatment that protects the skin from pollution, solar radiation and containing at least a sun protection factor SPF 15. At night, however, is the right time for the application of nourishing cream, repair or regenerate, since during the sleep cycle skin is more receptive to this type of treatment.

Whatever your skin type is important to moisturize daily to keep healthy, protected and thus delay the onset of the first wrinkles and expression lines. Hydration is the most appropriate treatment for skin between 20 and 30 years, since no need to fight the effects of age, but need protection from factors such as climate, pollution, snuff and stress, all of which can alter its natural balance giving way to dehydration.

From age 30 the skin is at its best in beauty. At this time, in addition to hydration, it should begin to incorporate anti-aging active for the prevention and early wrinkles and skin dehydration, with obvious symptoms of rigidity, tension and loss of smoothness.

After thirty years, the skin needs a little help to preserve his youth. Harmony gave the market just launched a moisturizer with resveratrol called Harmony Bio Rejuvenation Cream is ideal for this type of skin, which still does not need a specific anti-aging treatment, but with just a moisturizer is not enough.

All Bio Harmony range contains biological active ingredients and high quality organic and contain no parabens. The flagship of the line Harmony Bio is the cream of wine with resveratrol, powerful active concentrated wine whose mission is to naturally activate the enzyme responsible for delaying aging.

From the 40 skin needs extra hydration and if possible a lifting effect, as offered Harmony Cream Bio Syn-Ake. The active substance responsible for this wonderful TVS lifting effect is a protein with proven efficacy, that mimics the muscle relaxing effect of snake venom. A revolutionary formula that provides excellent anti-wrinkle Botox-like effect that smooths, softens and reduces wrinkles and expression lines.