Worry if this number increases, ie if there are large amounts of hair brushes, combs, bath ... etc.., if this happens, we must urgently seek a remedy.

Before seeking remedy must ask ourselves why we drop the hair? Are we stressed? workers, friends, family ... All these factors taken into account. They say we are what we eat but how we eat well?

In short, stress, tension, nervousness, poor diet, hormonal changes, hair hooks, inheritance ... May be the cause! What do we do then? Find a solution before it is too late.

The first question to ask is: Do you really work the products we sell? Well I say that knowing that will try, right?

We can find vitamins Arkocapil type containing L-Cystine, Vitamin B5, B6, B9, D3, ie ingredients to feed our hair, is also the Glaan Lactocapil containing milk proteins (alpha-lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin) , methionine and vitamin E.

All this can help strengthen the hair structure and extend the growth phase. A cosmetic level we can find shampoos Pilexil type, Serenoa serrulata leading or classic shampoo Klorane Quinine. If we further discover the existence of blisters daily Aminexil Vichy Dercos aminexyl energy lotion, etc.. All this and more can help us improve our hair, to favor the anchoring of our roots but we use several months to notice improvement, since the growth of hair is a little slow.

In addition we recommend homemade tricks like using the dryer to keep us away achicharremos hair, tell us that we take that summer is here and we sequemos hair, leaving as the Lion of the meter. We say: Do not smoke!, Drink water!, Two liters to be exact, come!, But eat well, things with vitamins A and B type vegetables, yeast, green vegetables .... no burgers or pizza, eat a Mediterranean diet!

Help! What to do?

The hair is a small little treasure that deserves all our care and pampering. This is like when you diet, you need to eat less, exercise and get some product type Somatoline reducing night cream, or take some help Adipo-Block type to help you achieve the perfect body. For to maintain beautiful hair, you need to combine several products and recommendations, always within the capacity of each.

Conclusion: Vitamins, fortifying shampoo, stress out, and vacations!, Daily exercise, meal or abu mamma, ..... in short the best of the best.