The first thing to know are the characteristics of your skin after you know how to treat and at last get the most from choosing a good cream hidrantante.

If your skin is dry you will notice by the continued sense of lack of hydration and tension in the face. If instead your skin is oily, you will experience a feeling of "constant sweat" in it.

When you know what your skin type you will find the cream that best goes with your skin. The best advice we can give you is to go to a drugstore or cosmetic center that specializes in it is where you'll find the best products. And remember, never buy your facial moisturizing cream at the supermarket.

If your skin is oily, you should be more careful about cleaning your skin and be more consistent in your daily hydration. Normaderm daily cream is a good choice for oily skin, like Avène Cleanance line.

But if your skin is dry or prone to dry you can improve the elasticity of the same progressively with facial moisturizers that your case be dense texture and a little sticky because this way better penetrate your skin. Sesderma and oatmeal are two of the best brands to treat dry skin.

If you are of mixed skin has found that some areas of the face has characteristics of dry skin (dry, scaly skin appearance) and other oily skin (impurities and blackheads). In this case you will need a constant cleansing and moisturizing.

Remember that the most important thing is always the record, and continued daily use of a good moisturizer is what eventually get your skin look better and always present their best.

Finally, remember that there are brands such as Harmony Bio, working with natural products resulting from organic farming. Also keep in mind those brands that do not use animal skins to test their creams.