There are many ways to combat these unwelcome visitors, lamps anti mosquito coils, insecticides, mosquito nets, etc.. But perhaps we should also use other systems, not too well known to avoid being bitten by proactively.

First I'd like to give you some tips: empty water sprinklers, gutters and all you can contribute to the formation of water tanks, it is in those places where they are born and grow mosquito larvae. You can also cover containers that can not be emptied with a plastic sheet.

In small garden ponds could introduce Gambusia minnows from America about four inches long that feed on mosquito larvae.

Then, to ward off mosquitoes, one of the most fashionable and remedies with proven results (I myself took one) I recommend ParaKito bracelets, which contains a mixture of 7 essential oils extracted from plants that protect against mosquitoes naturally , not forgetting that can be used both pregnant and children.

You can also try brewer's yeast, for its high content of B vitamins give skin a smell through perspiration, invaluable to humans but repels mosquitoes.

Finally, Halley, based on pyrethrum extracts derived from a natural insecticide produced by chrysanthemum flowers (Tanacetum cinerariifolium) and have a long history of use in humans and their pets, being unique in its effectiveness and repellent qualities.

And after these super recommendations, which will have out there is useless.