Needless to say how important it is to sleep well for our health: a good nights sleep of about 8 hours, facilitates the development of neurons, relaxes muscles, improves the appearance of the skin and strengthens the immune system.

By contrast, poor quality of sleep negatively affects everything: the brain is affected showing memory deficits, dizziness, attention difficulties, we can also suffer an upset stomach, feeling the limit stress and irritability.

This would be the result of not getting enough sleep a few days, but then how to survive the entire summer? To ensure sweet dreams, despite the heat and humidity, can help us food, we must choose the right foods for a good rest.

There are certain foods that can promote relaxation and rest, even on summer nights. These include pasta, rice, barley, bread and all those that contain a particular amino acid, tryptophan, which is the precursor for the synthesis of serotonin, the "happiness hormone".

The diet also supports beans, boiled eggs, meat, fish, cheese and yogurt without forgetting the seasonal fruits and vegetables like lettuce. A glass of milk or herbal tea before bedtime can be a real cure.

But attention to foods that are removed from the diet before night. These are potato chips, nuts, canned and cooked foods, all rich in sodium, which can make us wake up thirsty, so it is with the spirits and, of course, on stimulants such as coffee, tea, chocolate, cocoa, curry, pepper, paprika.