In this sense, the expert recommends keeping a schedule for meals and to "avoid excesses, especially in dense food consumption, high-fat and alcohol, betting on all meals include one serving of vegetables and fruits , chew food slowly and avoid lying down for at least two hours after a meal.

As for alcohol intake, the Deputy Secretary of semFYC Marisa Valiente insisted that when you attend a celebration is necessary to be aware of what is the tolerance of each alcohol, relying on previous experience. "We recommend that each decide in advance how much alcohol you drink and never expected to feel the effects for time control," he said.

Similarly, switch calls and non-alcoholic beverages, especially water, as celebrations are usually very long, which is ingested copious amounts of food and that is accompanied by much drinking.

Furthermore, when suffer heartburn, reflux or other stomach problems should avoid high-fat meals, too much fried foods tend to favor the emergence of these problems. For those who, instead, opt for dieting after the holidays, miracle cures to be avoided, and diets are not recommended by doctors or health professionals.

Merry Christmas.