Many of you ask us : What can we do to avoid them ? Today I bring you a , ideal for stop worrying about mosquitoes and other annoying insects super recommended product. Enjoy the spring and get ready for summer with :

Body Lotion Halley insect repellent natural pyrethrins

Halley Repelente Insectos

Halley Lotion Insect Repellent as all products of this line is made ​​from natural products, contains natural extract of Pirethrum , effective active at very low concentrations , allowing regular application of the product without risk of skin irritation .

His presentation Spray is easy to apply, fast-acting and pleasant. Will not stain or fade fabrics. It is ideal for the field and for areas where there are often many mosquitoes also has a pleasant fragrance that is not at all heavy product. It can be applied without damaging clothing .

How to use : Apply Insect Repellent Lotion Halley by the exposed parts of your body spreading evenly. Even distribution of the repellent ensures pitting protection for over 6 hours.

Some extra tips :

Sweating and the strong smell attracts insects and colonies with sweet smells .
If you tend clothing Outdoor shake not forget to pick it up.
If you open the windows at night tries to keep the light off .
Avoid bright clothes because they find attractive.
Use repellents and prevention methods in section BODY CARE -> INSECT REPELLENT our website you can find many products to prevent, to relieve itching and mosquito bracelets .

Repelentes insectos