Pharmaceutical Bank Association has organized for Saturday a day of collection of medicines in Barcelona and Madrid, with the participation of 125 pharmacies and 200 volunteers, figures that are double those of last year.

The goal is to get these free drugs to 34 health care institutions that serve people at risk of social exclusion and poverty. Pharmaceutical Bank provides recapture some 5,400 drugs, with a total value of 18,000 euros, 50% more than last year, which will serve to assist some 14,000 people. Still, the demand is not covered, because these entities need medicines to address 24,000 to all applicants.

The event, held once a year under the slogan "Give a medicine to those in need" will coincide with the same measure in Italy and Portugal. Citizens can participate by buying any of the requested drugs at any pharmacy registered in the day. For its part, the volunteers will inform the project and tell the pharmacist what medicines they can afford.

The initiative began in Milan (Italy) and came to Spain for the first time in 2008, celebrated in Barcelona as a pilot project. The following year, the proposal was extended to Madrid.