An exhibition where women reflect on social change and how new scientific and medical possibilities open up new opportunities. The show, which has the support of the City of Barcelona, ​​Barcelona reaches the occasion of the commemoration of International Women's Day
The exhibition, in the words of the President of the Foundation for Women's Health Dexeus, Dr. Pere N. Barrio, is "a great bet for the socialization of science, our commitment to knowledge sharing and access to information." "Being a Woman. Hoy" is an exhibition which deals with women's health in the broadest sense.

A tour of the physiological changes that occur in the lives of women, through a contemporary vision of the social position of women and explaining how scientific and medical innovations have contributed to the assumption by women of these new personal challenges and social roles.

A careful staging, modern and quality through the implementation of new multimedia exhibition resources: large format projections, interactive installations, large graphic panels, LED displays, a flower garden based OLED screens and a projection mapping on a Cube body.

The exhibition features three major areas that draw the complexity facing today's woman. Visitors can participate in a trip initially physiological evolution of women through a series of interactive where you will find answers to questions that every woman is in youth, fullness, motherhood, menopause or aging.
Then, "Being a Woman. Hoy" invites reflection on key social areas affecting women today: how we understand sexuality, as are families today, the role of women in the educational map, motherhood and options, access to information, diversity, or how we face the disease.

Finally, visitors will find the opinions and insights of women and physicians about how science and medicine has allowed them to adapt to this new social reality, allowing advance the story.

Their story.