The inability to present a team with enough troops has led to the postponement. And there's rarely been far more justified. And is that medical services Betis confirmed by the results of tests on the players that thirteen of them had influenza A. Those affected are Sergio García, Arzu, Sunny, Carlos Garcia, Nelson, Juande, Damien, Nano, Caffa, Pavone, Eman, Fernando Vega and canterano Bascón Israel.

Furthermore, Mehmet Aurelio, Nacho and Juanma are injured, thus preventing the Betis coach Antonio Tapia, approach the game.

The Federation has not yet proposed an alternative date Betis but sources have said that it is likely to be played on November 11 as there are scheduled day King's Cup competition which diabetics are eliminated and that Villarreal B does not dispute over his status as subsidiary equipment.

After hearing the decision, the Betis president Jose Leon, emphasized his appreciation to Villarreal. "I want to publicly thank Villarreal on how well they have behaved in all this. There have behaved in a phenomenal way and must thank both the position they have held since the beginning, their collaboration with Real Betis Balompié "he concluded.