Nutira is formulated with 4,500 FCC (Food Chemicals Codex) enzyme lactase per capsule, thus following the current recommendations of the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Nutira organic supplies the enzyme lactase deficiency and helps break down and digest the lactose in a glass of milk, without which, after ingestion of milk, it produces none of the symptoms of intolerance: diarrhea, flatulence or abdominal pain. Depending on the degree of intolerance, the symptoms can also occur after ingestion of many drugs, industrial bakery and pastry or sausage.

The most common cause of lactose intolerance is the progressive loss of intestinal lactase, a natural process that is accentuated with age. However, in many cases this loss occurs further or faster than it could be considered normal. The absence of intestinal lactase causes lactose can not be converted into its two constituent monosaccharides: glucose and galactose, so that can not be absorbed and passes into the large intestine, where it attracts water and produces excess gas. In fact, 15% of Spanish have problems when taking milk, much needed to avoid deficiencies of calcium and supplement sources of vitamin D, riboflavin and protein.

Nutira be taken immediately before eating a dairy product or any products containing lactose. It is distributed in boxes of 30 capsules.