This is an information and awareness tool for women who believe they are suffering from an abusive situation and support for women who have suffered gender violence to prevent these issues and to move from being victims to survivors. The minister stressed that this new application "puts us at the forefront of prevention."

The application is mainly aimed at women who suffer or have suffered violence. It is also aimed at anyone who detects in its environment a possible domestic violence situation. The initiative has the potential of new technologies, especially in one of the target populations: adolescents and youth. Mato pointed out that, according to recent studies, more than one fifth of adolescents in a way justifies violence. Therefore, in his opinion, "it is necessary to transmit messages that break those ideas and attitudes." Violence, said the minister, it is never an option, and therefore "we must educate our young people to respect not only others but also themselves."

"Libres" has the following priority objectives:

  • Detect early signs of gender violence.
  • Report on the resources available for women who experience violence.
  • Report on the actions they can take to your self.
  • To empower women to break the silence and break the cycle of domestic violence.

Through a main menu consists of six sections, women can become aware of their status as victims of domestic violence through a simple test that tells you what are the first signs of abuse. This section includes a questionnaire to detect these signals, produced by Teresa San Segundo, professor at the Open University and director of the Master of Domestic Violence.

Furthermore, users can learn about the steps to be followed in a situation of domestic violence and know the telephone and face-to resources available to them for advice and report. This section contains a web link to the resource on the website of Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality and direct dial phone 016. It also includes phone information NAAR for minors.

The application also allows to know the self-protection measures that can and should take to safeguard their safety and that of their children. In this section, we underline the support of the Directorate General of Police by producing some videos through which several uniformed police are telling the woman who suffers violence what action to take to protect their integrity and of their children against the aggressor.

Finally, the application includes a section entitled "People and messages against gender violence," which allows women to meet other women who have gone through the same situation and managed to get out and start a new life away from violence; it can also be a survivor. These pieces have been made from the pictures, courtesy of RTVE, the documentary "Women Survivors" issued by the program Chronicles.

All this in a fast, simple, intuitive and sensitive especially since the application is designed to remain hidden in the phone menu for anyone else, but herself, know that you have an application on gender violence.

Moreover, all sections of the application have explanatory videos with accessibility is achieved the same to people with disabilities.

The minister, who has expressed support for the families of the 29 women killed so far this year and 28 children who have been orphaned, stressed that this initiative will be part of the Strategy for the Eradication of Violence Against Women, to be adopted on Friday by the Cabinet.

Besides prevention, the strategy will also aim to expand the information and knowledge about gender violence. So are included minors in statistics and so, soon, will be expanded to include all women injured by abuse. So far, only had data on murdered women.

Picture By Ana_Mato.jpg: PP Madridderivative work: Alelapenya (Ana_Mato.jpg) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons