Both argue that you can eat healthy at the same time, enjoy the food as they consider it more important what swallowed a week what you eat every day, ie the balance.

The book shows a family (a married couple, their three children, ages 1 and 13, and grandmother of 75) that opens the doors of your home from eight o'clock on a Saturday until midnight. Thus, the reader looks at breakfast, lunch, snack, go to the movies with popcorn and soda included, and finish the day with dinner with parents without children and with a glass of wine.

In turn, tells how to make the purchase, good practice when storing and preserving food or the best methods of cooking. It also emphasizes that children must play an important role in the kitchen from small to carry a good supply of fun, smart and very educational, without compromise.

The publication does not show any food as good or bad, but insists the way you eat and, especially, in the amount ingested. According to Josep Corbella, "this is the key." The authors have devoted three years to work and have tried to be as informative as possible to teach how to get what they call a "holistic health." In addition to discussing nutrition and the need for physical exercise, dealing especially emotional state control. In this sense, Valenti Fuster believes that "emotions are more influential than the reasons" because "many of our food decisions we take them below the threshold of consciousness." Notes that, in fact, aware of the act of eating is the great unfinished business of a society that, despite having a lot of information, he can not sit at the table. Ferran Adrià himself as an example because it has had to learn to control themselves because of their schedules and lifestyle.

In the presentation made in Madrid optimism follows: eating right is easy, just a matter of applying logic, the overall health is a goal easily attainable and is a matter of time before it is achieved. Valenti Fuster considered it necessary for governments to laws governing, for example, the amount of salt in foods and the use of trans fats or the creation of a specific department to coordinate all matters related to nutrition, production and distribution food.