The Seville Institute of Pediatrics (IHP), in line promote training among its members and other members of the healthcare community, organizing a new training cycle.

Following the success of the course and child neurology cardiology, IHP has launched update the Days of pediatric gastroenterology, bringing together until Saturday to almost one hundred professionals in Seville.

The event will be opened by Dr. Alfonso Carmona, medical director of IHP, today at 16.30 h in the Hall Ave Maria Sacred Heart Hospital in Seville Chiron and aims to continue the ongoing training of pediatricians, in those problems that are frequently in daily practice.

Among the topics to be addressed, highlighting the peculiarities of child food desensitization (a novel method that can treat such allergies), changes in the criteria for diagnosis of celiac disease and the treatment of impaired lactose. "There is much confusion between allergy to milk protein and lactose intolerance," said Dr. Alfonso Herrera Rodríguez, responsible for addressing the latter issue in the days of the IHP.

The expert points out that the management of patients with lactose intolerance is easy to reach and warns not to remove more food than necessary, since in most cases it is sufficient to eliminate milk or milkshakes. "The amount of lactose is almost negligible in other foods, like cookies," he adds.

In addition, other topics addressed pediatric indications such as prebiotics, constipation, gastroesophageal reflux and advice on food rations to be taken by children over three years.