Collagen Trataderm Care is a proprietary concentrate to prevent and combat the first signs of skin aging all skin types, even the most sensitive, and minimizing their consequences are visible on the skin. Its unique formula, based on soluble marine collagen, aloe vera extract and natural moisturizing factor, helps to maintain hydration, elasticity, freshness and firmness of the skin.

Baobab Trataderm Care is a unique serum multireparador with nourishing, moisturizing and antioxidant for the care of dry skin, dull, stressed, brittle and dull. His formula is based on baobab oil, rich in unsaponifiables and vitamins A, D, E and F, which promotes the regeneration and protection of the skin. It also contains squalene, a plant lipid from olives that hydrates and restores softness of the skin, and shea butter, which reduces wrinkles, refines skin texture and protects against dryness and increases the comfort of the dermis .

Since 2001, Farmasierra has chosen the area of cosmetic dermatology, which has led him to invest in R & D and expand the range to meet the needs of a growing number of consumers. Farmasierra Group handles the entire process: design and product development, manufacturing, packaging, labeling and distribution. Currently, this section represents 1% of total group turnover, with growth in the last 3 years of 20% annually.
Attended the presentation yesterday in Madrid dermocosmetic responsible Farmasierra Group, Ana Isabel Ortiz, the director of marketing, M ª Carmen Arévalo, and corporate communications director, Ezequiel Vartia.