Just a click. That simple. If you already have an account on Facebook just click on the banner that we have the left side of our home and add you as a fan of page Pharmacy La Nucia on the social network. There you can leave your comments, share your opinions with other users, photos and video.

Facebook has reinvented the term "stay connected". Staying connected in the largest social network globally means entering into an endless chain of contacts, friends, groups and viewpoints where there are no time-space barriers.

In this way, readers of Pharmacy La Nucia worldwide can interact in a common place like Facebook with thousands of people who already use the social network. The idea is to further strengthening our community and enable users from Facebook continue reporting.

During the weekend we did the first tests. Now I make it public so that our users can subscribe. See you on Facebook.

A universe of ever-growing web ramifications in which people and organizations are just a click away.
In this new world we find. I hope in http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/profile.php?ref=name&id=100000537319271