The National Museum of Natural Sciences , part of the National Research Council ( CSIC ) , receives from the day September 2, 2013 and until January 19, 2014 the exhibition Molecules of Life : 50 Years of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Spain .

" The objectives of this initiative are to inform, entertain and promote interest in science , as well as raising scientific vocations among the young . Try to go beyond looking merely educational and interact directly with the public , "said CSIC researcher and scientific secretary of the Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Isabel Varela -Nieto .

Life molecules

Among the protagonists of the exhibition are the DNA molecule , the repository of genetic information, the water molecule (H2O ) component of 80 % of the human body , and glucose , the main energy source for the body. Visitors will also approach other molecules that do not form part of the human body , also play an important role in our daily lives, such as indigo , which contributes to blue jeans , and cellulose , used in the manufacture of paper, textiles , celluloid and explosives, among other applications.

The exhibition seeks interaction with the public through the different sections that make up the sample. For example, the module on collagen includes an application that visitors can assess the elasticity of different skin types : young , adult and mature . In addition, an augmented reality system to interact with a three-dimensional image display of the various proteins contained in plasma. The tour finishes with funds of the National Museum of Natural Sciences, such as corals, mollusks, insects , plants and sheets historical scientific instruments , among other objects .

Molecules of Life : 50 Years of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology in Spain is part of the program of activities with which the Spanish Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.

The exhibition has been funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology ( FECYT ) and supported by several companies . After a stint in Madrid, the exhibition will tour museums Spanish scientists .

More information on the exhibition website .