The Novartis Institute for Biomedical Communications (INCB) honored last night at the 12th Evening Health Journalism, Leonor Rodriguez, Director of the journal The Physician and Physician Interactive.

This evening is an initiative that aims to bring together annually to journalists specializing in health information in order to exchange, share experiences and recognize the extensive experience of a professional in the field of health.

12 Health Journalism Evening of "The Evening of Health Journalism, is an ideal meeting your company to enjoy and share with all of you who have been part of our project called Novartis, our more than 100 years in Spain. Thank you, because you are an encouragement to us to continue to make history, "said Montserrat Tarrés, Communications Director of the Novartis Group in Spain, who was responsible for presenting the event.

The conclusion of this evening is part of the April 23, Sant Jordi Day and World Book Day, when we commemorate the death of Miguel de Cervantes and the birth or death of other famous international writers. Therefore, this meeting also is a tribute to literature and the world of literature in general.

In previous evenings Bank is honored Celia (2002), Flor de Colmenares (2003), Ramón Sánchez Ocaña (2004), Milagros Pérez Oliva (2005), Jesus Infiesta (2006) and Fernando Mugarza (2007). In 2008 he paid tribute to Jose Maria Catalan, Ramón Sánchez-Ocaña, José Luis de la Serna and Manuel Torreiglesias, journalists that during that year had the privilege of receiving the Civil Order of the Ministry of Health in recognition of his extensive career in the field of health information. In the eighth Evening Health Journalism journalist was honored Leonor Garcia-Alvarez, TVE, in the ninth to Javier López Iglesias, Carlos del Aguila and Mark Lopez and Javier Olave tenth. Last year, the award was to Sergio Alonso.

Novartis Institute for Biomedical Communications
The Institute was founded in 2001 with a vocation to work for excellence in communication and act as a common forum and meeting point between Institutions, Scientific Community, Media and related groups and stakeholders in the biomedical and health. The exchange, transfer and interaction between them are the factors that have consolidated their existence and achievements.

According Montserrat Tarrés, "one of the priorities of the INCB is to promote both the formation of communication professionals, foster and conduct outreach programs and health content, increasingly demanded by patients and society in general . This is an important step in helping to raise awareness of the value and sustainability of health systems and its real dimension for users ".