SymphonyTM is composed of four separate services: MammaPrint, TargetPrint, BluePrint and TheraPrint, all made from the same tumor sample sent to the central laboratory in Amsterdam, with ISO 17025 and CLIA. This service leverages the power of prediction and forecasting of four trials that provide the medical support system in order to establish the most appropriate treatment for each patient.

SymphonyTM includes four genetic tests based on molecular biology techniques. The first of these, MammaPrint, evaluates the expression profile of 70 genes, to identify the risk of breast cancer recurrence at 5 and 10 years in the absence of systemic adjuvant therapy. Provides two possible outcomes "high risk" or "low risk".

TargetPrint, evaluates the expression profile of 3 genes coding for estrogen receptor, progesterone and HER2. For each of them the result is "positive" or "negative." BluePrint, evaluates the expression profile of 80 genes that allow to classify the type of breast cancer in luminal, basal and HER2. The luminal type accompanied by MammaPrint "low risk" amounts to a luminal A and luminal type MammaPrint accompanied by a "high risk" amounts to a luminal B. And TheraPrint, evaluates the expression profile of 56 genes that have been identified as potential prognostic markers and therapeutic response.

This procedure allows the doctor to order the Symphony flow at any time of diagnosis in early breast cancer, both at the time of biopsy or surgery and after surgery to seek second opinions.