The problem of erectile dysfunction is one of the most common but not the only one going through the consultation of Andrology Hospital Donostia. "This way we see everything. This is a very special view. " Sometimes complex and fears for what the knock on the door size. "We say that size is a lie. Almost all the erect penises are roughly similar in size. Moreover, a harder erection in a bigger penis than a small one, "recalls Ramon Telleria, responsible for the andrology.

Size issues aside, the consultation has not yet reached the entire volume of patients to your manager would like. "Visit the urologist is still embarrassing for the man," he says.

The consultation reach men of all ages. "We have men of 85 years with erectile dysfunction who take oral pills (Viagra, Cialis ...), and kids 16 years with lack of confidence after a fault in the sexual act, which will prescribe pills to help out of this vicious circle "...

It is also clear doubts. "Sometimes we see young people who do not know yet if you like meat or fish and is concerned that the consultation has been with a woman and has not had an erection."

Premature ejaculation

Along with erectile problems, another reason for consultation on sexual dysfunction is the most frequent early or premature ejaculation. "The incidence is greater than erectile dysfunction." Not surprisingly, the man "by nature a premature ejaculations." In this case, this problem is a symptom of any disease. "It's a lack of learning and control ejaculation. These are people who ejaculates before entering, just enter or do in five minutes and want to prolong something ejaculation. With medication, drugs of the family of antidepressants-can get back by two, three or four minutes, "said Telleria.

If erectile dysfunction affects more the greater the age, premature ejaculation is more prevalent among young people. "There are ghosts of all kinds and porn movies do much harm. There are patients who come to the consultation saying that last ten minutes and want to reach 20 ", recognizes the urologist.

It also addresses problems of delayed ejaculation, although they affect few people, and late cases of hypogonadism, commonly known as andropause. As explained by Telleria, 'and in women the estrogen levels drop sharply in menopausal symptoms very showy and occur in man, from 45, slowly begin to lower testosterone levels. "

So far so normal. But there are people that, for 45-55 years, has a sudden decrease in testosterone. "It reduces the sex drive, produces a metabolic syndrome, a decrease in muscle mass, decreased bone ... It usually occurs with diabetes, "adds the urologist. Late treatment of hypogonadism is medication to restore testosterone levels, which then is associated with erectile dysfunction drugs.

Not only erections

While solving premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction monopolize much of the consultations, the head of the andrology service tries to convey to patients the message that sexuality often "has nothing to do" with an erection. "What happens is that men have a phallic mentality. If no erection can not seem to have no sexuality, there are many things worse. Often, a woman cares the least is the penetration and more when we're talking about people of 70-80 years, "explains urologist, who recommended their patients to attend the consultation as a couple.

Telleria recognizes that women's sexuality is much "more complex" than men. "But there are also many female sexual pathology. Even more than in man. There is much ignorance of the female genital tract, there are many sexual appetite in women, especially after menopause, and oral treatments Viagra type have not been successful in women. But that takes another consultation "...