According to Ignacio Moncada, Andrology Group coordinator of the Spanish Association of Urology (EAU), "although the marketing of sildenafil for 12 years meant that 16% of men with erection problems seeing a doctor, currently the percentage of that query does not exceed 35-40%. " Anyway, Ignacio Moncada said that "with the diagnosis and treatment, between 30 and 50% of cases could be prevented."

In the framework of the European Urology Week, urologists have insisted that is a medical problem and emphasize the importance of banishing misconceptions associated with erectile dysfunction. Some of the misconceptions that exist around this sexual disorder are that it is a problem of psychological origin and that alcohol may increase the ability to maintain an erection or available oral medications are addictive.

Experts point out that erectile dysfunction can be a warning sign of cardiovascular disease, so you should go immediately to the urologist at the first manifestations. It is estimated that 80% of erectile dysfunction cases there is an underlying physical cause such as diabetes, hypertension or a cardiovascular problem, and that 20-25% respond to psychological factors.