Prostatic hypertrophy may lead to oppression of the urethra and cause urination and bladder problems. You can also generate a painful or bloody urination, and even incontinence.

Currently, Dr. Galvez Hospital incorporates a pioneering and unique technique in Spain for treatment through the use of Holmium Laser 120H, the most powerful on the market. Dr. Alfonso Santos leads the unit Urology applying this treatment in the hospital.

This pioneering technique reproduces the prostatectomy for open surgery, but endoscopically, which has numerous advantages. These include the reduction of hospital stay (usually 24 hours), a much higher speed in coagulation, with less blood loss, decreased catheterization time and the fact reduce postoperative discomfort that suffer after the completion of the enucleation of prostate adenoma by holmium (HoLEP).

Lahipertrofia prostate is not the only condition that allows the laser treatment 120H. This technique is used to destroy kidney stones, ureter and bladder endoscopically, spray bladder polyps, strictures (strictures) urethral and ureteral, or treatment of urothelial tumors.