One of the most common allergic reactions to food, affects up to 2.5% of children would, in short, a possible solution: to make gradually, the allergic person, small doses of food involved, in this case the egg, to help overcome the problem permanently.

The treatment, described in the scientific journal "New England Journal of Medicine", is still in experimental phase, as doctors say, so you have to warn parents that do not try to implement at their own risk at home.

Egg powder

Parents of children participating in research have powdered egg mixed in the diet of children, reaching about a third of an egg a day. After 22 months of this particular form of therapy, 75% of the children were able to eat the equivalent of two eggs with no problems.

The children were examined after at least one month without treatment and observed that 28% of them could still eat eggs without experiencing reactions: These children were considered cured of the allergy.

What remains to be done

According to Wesley Burks, University of North Carolina School of Medicine (USA), "this study gives us hope that we are closer to developing a treatment."

Almost a third of children have experienced a permanent change ceasing to be allergic to eggs. "However, approximately 15% of children did not complete the treatment, mainly due to allergic reactions."