Well, keep in mind that health is perhaps your most important commitment that any newspaper and start to eat more slowly and chew slowly.

A study by scientists at the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences, presented at the XV European Congress of Endocrinology, has revealed a relationship between the food consumed in a hurry and the tendency to gain weight, which increases the likelihood of developing type II diabetes.

The researchers, led by Dr. Lina Radzeviciene have analyzed the responses to a questionnaire from a group of 702 people, of which 234 are already suffering from this disease.

The questions focused on the habits and way of life practiced by the volunteers, some related to food preferences, the amount of weekly physical activity and consumption of snuff or alcohol. Finally, the fundamental question: how much time is spent on eating?

In addition to responding to questions, the volunteers were invited to undergo a medical examination to measure body weight and to determine their body mass index.

The information gathered showed that volunteers who ate faster had 2.5 more likely to develop Type II diabetes, of course, smokers and the obese had a higher risk.

Scientists have not been able to explain the correlation between the habit of eating quickly and the development of the disease, but suggest you swallow food quickly can contribute to weight gain because the brain can not process the signals of satiety. The link between fast food and the disease becomes clearer.

Pending further studies to confirm this research, I suggest you enjoy what you have on your plate and eat slowly.