"We have a sophisticated natural detoxification system to neutralize and excrete toxins, but unfortunately eliminate excess toxins and it helps prevent premature aging, which is reflected in the skin and the appearance of diseases," says Dr. Jesus Acute Professor of Medicine at the Autonomous University of Madrid and president of ASEMBIOR (Association for the Study of bio-medicine).

If there is an overload of toxins that the body can not remove, will alert us with symptoms such as allergies, asthma, fatigue, digestive problems, insomnia, frequent infections, cellulitis or obesity, fluid retention, headache, memory loss and concentration. "For example, in women, the accumulation of liquids or cellulitis that are deposited in the central area of the body are very typical signs of needing good detoxification," said Dr. Sharp.

The effects of poor drainage detoxification and give not only aesthetically, but they can reach the interior of cells obtained by preventing the energy needed to live, so they die prematurely. In these cases, he says, is necessary to intervene with a pharmaceutical treatment that supports and encourages the detoxification and drainage.

This therapy, pharmaceutical dispensing, is indicated for everyone, from adults to children, because although they are not sick can cleanse your body to defend itself against external aggression. Those who are often first to recommend it, said Dr. Jesus Agudo, "people who undergo drug treatment, who often eat away from home, smoke or commit excesses with food or alcohol, those living in polluted cities, and in general, who are prone to poisoning processes such as the elderly and children. "

It is the combination of three drugs is proven: 

  • Lymphomyosot: improves lymphatic drainage, promoting the mobilization of the toxins from the extracellular matrix.
  • Nux vomica-Homaccord: strengthens the liver and intestinal functions, activating the gastrointestinal route of elimination and the hepatic system and metabolism of toxins.
  • Berberis Homaccord: aid to metabolic detoxification and excretion carried out by the liver and kidneys to eliminate toxins mobilized.

Detoxification Therapy Heel and Drainage helps the toxins accumulated in the tissues are mobilized and completely metabolized and excreted.

Anyone can benefit from detoxification and drainage therapy. In fact, "everyone should do at least a couple of times a year, coinciding with the arrival of spring and fall." Each treatment should last about six weeks and be monitored by your doctor or pharmacist.