Rosa Maria Ortega, a professor in the Department of Nutrition, Faculty of Pharmacy, University Complutense of Madrid and member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of OHS, believes that "when we drink the water it contains into the stomach and from there is distributed through blood vessels to reach the various organs, including the skin. "

It is generally recommended to consume between two and five pints a day, an amount may increase by gender, age, physical activity level or temperature, among others. To drink you need, the OHS suggest changing the type of drinks taken and choose those that taste good.

When the skin is well hydrated, has more elasticity and is more protected, so it is also more resilient against any external aggression, as in the case of pathogens that can cause infections. Factors such as exposure to sun, heat, air conditioning, pollution or consumption of snuff and alcohol cause dehydration of the dermis.

However, when not drinking enough, there are several changes in the functioning of the body and also reduce the ability of skin protection, since it altered its moisture balance and not properly exercised its protective and regulatory functions. As a result, they lose elasticity, smoothness and tone, becoming dry and dull. Be careful with this situation, especially in summer, high temperatures and exposure of skin to sunlight.

Good hydration can maintain proper body temperature regulation, a position essential for the proper functioning of skin cells. Face, neck, hands and forearms are the body parts that suffer the most during these months. Rosa María Ortega points out that situations also increase the risk of dehydration, so "when it is warmer, the intense physical activity or function of age, you need to drink more."

The skin is made, in large part by water. Naturally, has its own mechanisms to maintain proper hydration and create a protective barrier against external aggression. Thanks to hydrolipid, a protective film formed by water and fat, slows the evaporation of moisture, protects from external aggressions and keeps the pH of the skin.