The WTO requires a "minimum guarantees" in the proposed new sexual and reproductive health, including establishing a system to "prevent irregularities" in the medical reports which prove that the pregnancy endangers the mental or physical health of the pregnant.

"In accordance with the Code of Ethics and Ethics, the health profession in the service of human life, the WTO ruling to clarify that physicians accept Acts of Parliament, but" always subject to higher value of freedom of conscience of each one. " In this sense, doctors insist that conscientious objection is a fundamental and inalienable and therefore are pleased to reaffirm the constitutional principle for anyone to intervene as necessary collaborators in the practice of abortion.

Also reject the use of the argument that the new law will provide greater legal security when carrying out an abortion, because "neither the doctors, let alone the unborn child will be better protected than the old Act.

In this line, specify that a decision "as important and irreversible consequences," which is an abortion can not be adopted by a single physician as proposed by the new legal text, and require the establishment of technical and ethical committees in both public hospitals as at any other location, "to determine the legality or otherwise of abortion," doctors wield, which also call for "a system to prevent irregularities."

Along the same lines urge the development of "a protocol of informed consent from the mother that provides appropriate guarantees and information on the nature of the intervention and its risks.

The WTO is "pleased" that has been taken into account your suggestion about "the desirability and importance" that is informing parents or guardians, not to deprive the child who decides to terminate her pregnancy "his advice, support and help. "