Hepatitis C is an infectious disease that affects the liver, causing inflammation of the organ and its proper functioning. It spreads through contact with blood, which can occur through the implementation of medical practices applied without proper sterilization or to puncture with a contaminated needle.

The Health Department confirmed that the dialysis center, run by the German multinational Fresenius, told the contagion on 1 December and he said those affected only seven cases. The Generalitat, which reported the case publicly, has opened a file for investigating the causes of this outbreak. The investigation will last for several weeks because Health has not yet identified the first hit, a key input to detect the route of infection.

Due to infection, one patient was left without receiving a kidney transplant for which he was on the waiting list for four years.

Two affected, 82 and 78 years, will not be able to receive treatment for hepatitis C given his frail health. Moreover, both are diabetic so they must control their blood sugar three times daily pricking.

The three scenarios that manages the Department of Health about infection point to a staff malpractice, accident or human error.

The Santa Tecla hospital management wanted to clear through a statement that both the activity and the staff of the places he has been the spread Nefrológica belong to the Institute, which depends on the company Fresenius Medical Care, "wholly alien to the Health Network of Santa Tecla 'and that the activity of hemodialysis are hired "directly" by the Catalan Health Service (SCS) of the Ministry of Health.