In the European Day for Prevention of Cardiovascular Risk, it is estimated that people with gum disease have up to twice the chance of cardiovascular disease.

Although hypertension, diabetes, obesity or a sedentary lifestyle are among the factors known cardiovascular risk, much of the population does not know the direct relationship between gum disease (periodontal) resulting from poor hygiene oral, one of its main causes, and the emergence of cardiovascular disease.

If the bacteria in dental plaque is not removed daily, plaque builds up, damaging teeth and gums. But in addition, periodontal bacteria can also reach the bloodstream and cause new infections and even heart problems.

For this reason, maintaining proper oral hygiene is essential to prevent cavities, but also to keep gums and a healthy heart. Oral Health experts warn of the need to brush your teeth at least three times a day to prevent the occurrence of periodontal problems and complete cleaning wire