This model includes four nozzles (two standard, one for orthodontics and a tongue cleaner) to suit the needs of every mouth, along with an adapter that automatically selects the correct voltage.

Everything comes in a handy travel case to store and transport it easily and conveniently. Waterpik Traveler offers three positions to control the pressure and has a capacity of 400 ml., Which give 60 seconds of irrigation.

Oral irrigation, which removes 99.9% in plaque, being a good complement to the daily oral hygiene, is the direct application of a jet of water or other solution to remove bacteria from the surface of the teeth, the gumline and hard to reach places.

Oral irrigation is a common technique in professional dental offices can now also be done at home and travel, providing maximum feeling clean and fresh. It also improves the health of the gums and periodontal disease, making it useful for patients with crowns, implants and orthodontics.

Oral irrigation in combination with brushing, is two times more effective than dental floss in reducing gingival bleeding. It is three times more effective in cleaning around braces and provides about 87% higher results in the proper maintenance of oral implants.

The Director of Corporate Communications Dentaid, Marc Costa, introduced the presentation of the product to give way to explanations of Carmen Romero, Oral Health Center Denta, and Montserrat Conill, dental hygienist and president of the Association of Dental Hygienists and Assistants de Catalunya.