So far, the delay in the payment of invoices for drugs reaches two months and tomorrow should charge the month of August, although they have no guarantee that this commitment is fulfilled, as explained Elena Carazo, spokeswoman for the pharmaceutical and collective pharmacists who spoke yesterday at the headquarters of the College of Pharmacists of Barcelona (COFB) to claim a solution.

This was the first demonstration called last Friday through word of mouth among the group of pharmacists. Carazo Elena explained that COFB president, Jordi Dalmases, "has moved everywhere, has tried everything and have no answers."

Failure to reach an agreement with the Government or to obtain bank loans, pharmacists do not fear being forced to dispense drugs to Social Security.

Pharmacists spokeswoman said: "It's the last thing we want to do because there are many people who could not cope with the cost of their drugs, but we as pharmacy, we have no money to pay for the medication in the neighborhood. Therefore, we have an agreement not to take this drastic measure. "

70% of drugs dispensed prescriptions are for the SS and only see as a solution to stop dispensing or postpone their suppliers invoices and accept payment conditions related to payment of the SS.

Other complaints that may lead pharmacists to harden their proposal is that the rules and obligations "are imposed by decree provided law" and that "are never consensual."

Wednesday is expected to COFB president meet with various banks to address liquidity problems in the sector.

Carazo Elena has also warned that some pharmacies and jeopardized the jobs of members and assistants, as they could not pay suppliers nor staff. Also involve the closure of some facilities at night.