The Spanish Federation of Parkinson has opened pre-registration deadline of the second edition of Online Course Care Parkinson's Disease aimed at people with Parkinson's, their families and caregivers . This training, which has the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport and the Medtronic Foundation, is from the online platform of the Federation and has cost 50 € .

The Online Course Care Parkinson's Disease consists of 10 modules ( delivered in 10 weeks) where students will learn what the different treatment of PD, specific care in feeding , elimination and personal hygiene , among others.

" We believe it is essential that people with Parkinson's receive specific care and that they and their carers , have access to quality training on pathology. Through this course , which will begin on April 21 , have access to that specific training and will learn a number of useful recommendations for performing such care when eating, rest or take proper hygiene , among others , "says Mayca Marín , coordinator of the training Department of the FEP .

Course Pre-registration may be made until 14 April at the website of the Spanish Federation of Parkinson's .