Lucas is a wooden boy hero seeking justice and pursuing the improvement and knowledge through the teachings of his people. Nobody should seek or expect in the story the harsh reality of transplantation. It is a novel for fun with a fictional story about the experiences of a young transplanted. Of course, a book full of messages about life, much to consider.

Lucas, handsome and young, after undergoing a heart transplant, begins to have extraordinary and shocking sensations memories know that do not correspond to his past life. Green meadows, horses, an eagle and elongated eyes of a woman.

As days go by, they appear characters to help you discover how your body is caught by the Indian boy's soul belonged to her heart and memories that crowded his mind.

Lucas become the last hope of a people living thousands of miles away in Montana, United States, must stop the mysterious mission that brought to southern Europe to the young Indian. But this mission is likely to endanger his own life and aroused hatreds that were numb.

Ente whirlwind of feelings is much room for one more love. Luke Young love for the first time. But what they do not know is that his new heart was put into a dilemma: to fight for the nurse who is in love or surrendering to the memory of the enigmatic young man sneaks into your mind.

Lucas experiencing feelings that do not correspond to their daily lives. Finds beauty in the simplest. Love, as he had never loved before, to their fellow animals, plants, soil, sun, rain and wind. Do not fear death, for he feels that is part of their lives. Is aware that is not afraid of anything or anyone, because he is at peace with himself.

To emphasize how well documented it is, as it provides many details of transplants and also the Indian people. The story is quite good with a compelling enough argument, but Nieves Herrero has failed to get all the juice.

The book begins very well, you get hooked, but as the story unfolds we begin to get boring think the story is targeting a young audience so it is simple, predictable and full of feelings.