The judge imposed a year in prison to two psychiatrists for a crime of negligence injuries, while two residents (MIR) were sorry for causing injury by negligence.

In addition, the court decision states that both psychiatrists condemned as the Hospital must compensate the injured party in the amount of 880,000 euros, plus interest and costs, damages incurred.

On August 27, 2001, M.P. 36, went to the emergency room have lost strength on the right side of his body and desplomarse.Tras improvement was discharged.

The next day, suffered loss of mobility in the right limbs, deviation of the mouth, and impairment of the ability of speaking and understanding why it was transferred to the Emergency Department of the Gregorio Marañón.

The hospital was staffed by two residents who did not perform a neurological examination and ignored the signs of the family about the personal history suffered pulmonary embolism 4 years ago.

The psychiatrist does not personally explored MP and ordered his admission to the psychiatric wing, also recommended to tie it to the table (subject geriatric).

So the next day found her husband, re-emphasized the personal history of his wife and asked if they had ruled out the possibility of a stroke, as recorded in the statement.

The woman suffered a stroke that caused a right-sided weakness and inability to speak properly. In addition, lost child waiting for the pregnancy not be compatible with the state it was.

The Criminal Court No. 20 means that "let the stroke be developed with their lack of diligence and wrong doing" in addition to doing the necessary tests. Convicts and the hospital should pay compensation of 880,000 euros.