In the kidneys there are cells that act as filters called glomeruli, increased levels of sugar in the blood and maintained for a long time, tend to damage these cells atrophied kidney function, causing a quarter of the patients who reach dialysis are diabetic.

The age is another important factor, after diabetes. When the person passes the age of 40, the kidneys begin a process of aging obvious and over the 60 years these bodies become more susceptible.

Prevention is the main key to fighting kidney disease, so it should begin to take appropriate examinations to detect renal failure, because in our country there are 2,200,000 people with kidney disease and do not know, each year 6,000 people also new should undergo renal replacement therapy and now total 24,000 who need dialysis to keep on living

That is the prevention message being disseminated morning the Association to Fight Kidney Disease (Alcer) with an information campaign bearing the slogan Endúlcese life, not blood. The initiative to be held in conjunction with World Kidney Day.