A total of 17 panels, six meetings of controversy, nine games with the expert eight interactive clinical cases, three plenary sessions ... make the busy schedule of the 62nd Congress of the Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP), which begins today in Seville. "A reference meeting brings together nearly 2,000 pediatricians in Spain, which will analyze and far in our country pediatrics, medical advances, the specific medication for children, physical activity ... with an eye to their true protagonists, children and adolescents, or more specifically their health and wellbeing ", says Professor Joaquin Ortiz, president of the 62 Congress of the AEP.

The ASP held also during the Congress governing election of officers of the Association and the president of the Spanish Foundation of Pediatrics, so it makes a call to the professional participation in the elections for the new officers leaving of the polls have the endorsement of their votes.

"We also take this quote to introduce the new Group Physical Activity and online training platform of the ASP, CONTINUUM, whose imminent launch partners will allow the Association access ongoing training with the highest standards of quality and with the possibility of re-accreditation voluntarily, "says Dr. Antonio Jurado, president of the Scientific Committee of the ASP.

Inevitably, the crisis and the cuts will also have a presence in these three days of pediatric meeting. "The AEP, representing pediatricians nowadays assumes an active role in defending the quality and efficiency of care for children, so that they are always treated by pediatricians, both in primary care and in secondary care, providing each patient that needs regardless of their place of residence ", adds Professor Serafin Málaga, president of the ASP. Thus, from the AEP is intended that the children access to health resources, especially the living situations of poverty and marginalization, is not reduced in any case.

Last summer the EPA conducted a survey among its members which highlighted the impact it is having the loss of purchasing power of families as a result of the precarious socio-economic situation, on aspects such as feeding, vaccination and health mental health of their children. Just two months ago, another association survey showed almost unanimous collective agreement pediatric immunization schedule proposed by the Vaccine Advisory Committee of the EPA and its concern at the possibility that a vaccine is proven free recall limited sales and hospital prescriptions.

The cuts in health are also affecting the work of professionals. "In this sense, the ASP is concerned that the compulsory retirement measure, already being implemented by most of the CCAA, it will lead to a replacement of these places, which, in children, is seriously endanger the maintenance of the model Spanish pediatric care, "explains Professor Malaga.

THE AEP argues that not suppressed functions to professionals, or putting obstacles to proper professional work simply because of the work load increase them or diminish them resources for good practice that scientific evidence has proved beneficial to the health of child.