The exact title is "How to say goodbye to the Depression. If you clench your anus 100 times a day. "Nonsense? o Effective Method? ". Incredible, right?. The author of this great work, Hiroyuki Nishigaki, has left no one indifferent and already has many loyal followers as staunch detractors.

I'm sure many of you, with what little they have read and have not been able to avoid the contractions and not without reason, is a natural reaction, just take a joke, but today is not December 28.

It's funny, because the popular wisdom of the Spanish proverb says, "bad to the ass pressed against the seat." But this "said popular Spanish" Mr. Nishigaki, has raised to the altars of therapy for depression.

By the way, the author, editor Hiroyuki Nishigaki and warn:

"What I have written in this book are just my thoughts and observations. Please take advantage of them at your own risk. To prevent the risk of injury, consult your physician before beginning this or any physical or mental exercise. The author and publisher of this book disclaim any liability or loss in connection with the exercises and instructions presented here "

I advise the same can not be tempted to squeeze your ass so you can read here. Check with a physician before the adventure throw to pull the ass 100 times a day.

Oddly enough as all readers can easily check, the book will give almost five stars, the existing maximum, most of the 50 readers have reviewed on Amazon.

The issue is not new and Zuluaga Samuel talked about it in his article "Pushing the ass"

"One of the most particular man is manifested as bodily in their different daily activities is squeezing his ass. This action takes place in the depths of the human and historical data since its inception, it transcends languages, races and cultures, thereby becoming one of the "gestures" if you can call more characteristic of humanity, and that no one can escape because its nature is the same as the blink of an eye. "

And now comes the best, the author tells the experiences of a man of 70 who practice this art. I made a literal translation so you can appreciate the essence of the message.

"You can do during a boring meeting or on the subway. I know a 70 year old man who has practiced for 20 years. As a result, he has good physique and looks 20 years younger. His eyes twinkle. It is full of vigor, happiness and joy. He has not complained and never felt anger in any circumstances. Also you can make love three times in succession without removal. "

No comments. I do not know if the method because the book will be really fun or because depression is removed by squeezing the ass a hundred times every day, but to me, and I suppose many of you, and made us laugh for a while. Some readers of the book have said they like to open the book from time to time, for any page at random, to smile a bit.

Welcome are these little things that make us laugh in such difficult times.