Cramps, tingling, varicose veins, redness and heaviness in the legs usually indicate poor circulation.

While most of us are programmed us to enjoy the holidays with friends and family, higher temperatures worsens the return circulation of blood from the legs to the heart which produces the so-called heavy legs.

I have the pleasure to present an ideal for those who suffer from tired legs and it gets cool them tonificarlas gel Today:

Fito Cold Gel Frio Piernas Cansadas

Fito Cold Cold Gel for Tired Legs

Fito Cold Cold Gel is ideal for tired and heavy legs because it acts quickly reducing pain and heaviness in the legs by the action of its six active ingredients, all of plant origin: crystal menthol, camphor, arnica extract, extract ruscus extract, witch hazel and horse chestnut extract, getting decongest, soothe and invigorate tired legs with a long lasting effect.

How to use:

Apply giving a massage from the ankle up to the knee until completely absorbed. Use daily, preferably at night. If you want a more intense cooling effect, Fito Cold keeps in the refrigerator.

Do not apply to irritated skin, wounds or mucous.


  • Perform exercises for the legs and put them up. You can sleep with the legs raised slightly by placing a pillow under the foot.
  • Cold showers in the legs, is more likely in summer.
  • Exercise. Swimming, cycling, jogging or just walking is highly recommended.
  • If you have the opportunity to go to the beach, take it, seawater and especially the waves crash against the legs stimulates circulation naturally. Take long walks along the shore with the water below the knee is also very beneficial.
  • Drink plenty of water to remove toxins and cleanse the body.
  • Use loose clothing to facilitate the return circulation.
  • No prolonged sitting with legs crossed or standing. If your work must stand many hours you can, every little bit, get toes and bend over a few times.
  • Every night, you can take a massage the legs from the feet and thigh.