Are well known to us all as serendipitous discoveries of penicillin by Alexander Fleming when a bacterial cultures contaminated with fungi and realized that the latter prevented the growth of bacteria.
Another icon was the accidental discovery of Minoxidil CrecePelo which originally was a drug to treat hypertension in the form of tablets, but by chance, was found to have interesting side effects, consisting of hair growth and regression of baldness .
The last case of accidental discovery in the field of medicine has been to a drug used in Korea and Japan for the treatment of asthma, allergic rhinitis or atopic dermatitis and has been discovered by chance that stops the expansion of the breast cancer cells that are often resistant to chemotherapy.
The drug is marketed in these countries under the trade name of Rizaben, is only approved for use in these two countries, meaning that for now we will wait for us to play.
We note that for a drug hits the market, for a particular indication, they should spend many years of studies and controls even before they reach human testing, so then it appears that patients taking other drugs reasons make the guinea pigs for indications for which are not approved.
The first tests have been conducted in mice, but nevertheless we still have to wait many years to see it marketed in Spain.