They are sure that the preparation will go on sale within two years.

Each year millions of Americans suffer from persistent cough, but most cough suppressants do not cure the cough, but only alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

In addition, preparations are popular these compounds as active ingredient narcotics, particularly codeine, which suppress the cough reflex. According to scientists, these drugs are not suitable for patients under 18 years because the health risks outweigh the benefits of treatment.

As reported by the newspaper The Daily Mail, clinical trials conducted by the National Heart and Lung of Imperial College in London showed that theobromine is 33% more effective than codeine in cough remedy. The compound directly affects the vagus nerve, responsible for the persistent cough.

The preparation called BC1036 is being developed by the private company English SEEK. The company's chief executive, Manfred Schesk, said the BC1036 has the potential to impact decisively on treatments for persistent cough and improve the quality of life for those suffering from this disease.