And indeed you should pay close attention to the type of shoes we buy and how we take care of our little feet because any wrong decision, though involuntary, can cause serious damage in adulthood.

The main orthopedic damage, which may have its origins in childhood, causes various types of deformation as some diseases of the back or legs bent. It is important to understand how the use of shoes "unsuitable" for children's legs can cause serious damage: You must be very careful when buying shoes for our kids!

Our feet take during the course of our life an impressive amount of miles and if we do not start taking care of them from an early age have a certain predisposition to various diseases.

Sometimes the problems are severe enough to require surgery and in most cases the cause of malformations in adults are precisely inadequate or defective footwear used during childhood.

What should we do to avoid errors that could affect the occurrence of pathological phenomena?

The main caution is certainly correctly measure the feet of our children when we go to buy the shoes.

We must keep in mind that children's feet grow very quickly and are still soft and easily deformable when shoes are too small.

Not only should be evaluated carefully child's foot size, you also have to measure either the inside length of the shoes. Only in this way parents can know if the child's feet have enough room inside the shoes.

The internal length of the shoe must be a space of at least 12 mm. to facilitate the growth and movement of the foot.

Finally the shoe dimensions are important. Only in the case where the shoe having optimum dimensions in length and in width, not constitute a danger for small crashes.

Children do not realize if the shoe were "tweaking", and often fit shoes too small, while in the first six years of the bones of the feet are soft and malleable.

The nervous system of children's feet, not yet differentiated so that children do not feel any pain and do not complain too much. Even though they are involved in sports.

The growth rate of the feet of children is as follows:

1-3 years, the average growth of the foot is 1.5 mm per month
3-6 years: the average growth of the feet is 1 mm per month
6-10 years: children's feet grow at a rate of less than one millimeter per month.

In light of these data, it is clear that children are primarily under six who need new shoes more often.

Only 16 years, the development of the feet have been completed and have taken their final form.

Photography By Aleser (Own work) [Public domain], undefined