Ruiz's proposal will be implemented in the meeting of the Inter-Territorial Council of the National Health System (CISNS), which discussed tomorrow in a monograph, with a majority of representatives of the PP after having become the new regional governments, the viability of the NHS , suffering from a deficit of more than 10,000 million euros. Ruiz said health officials should "seek a co-pay, to put it in some way that is as equitable and as fair as possible."

In any case, the minister acknowledged yesterday in an interview COMRàdio, which is not in favor of "an act of consideration for [medical] concrete," but of "utilization rate [of health] income level." This, according to Ruiz, there could be a system like the Dutch, where "health card determines what you pay or stop paying."

Ministry sources said this newspaper that the minister intends to express to the board once again, his refusal to implement the copayment. In the same vein, the health official of the Popular Party, the former Minister of Health Ana Pastor, insisted on Monday in A Coruña as it is against the copayment for "criminalizing the sick" and because citizens "and pay via health taxes, "reports Ep.

Different paths

For Boi Ruiz, in any case, there is a debate that must be addressed before: "The theme of the debate is co child, the parent is to see if the citizen is willing to have the health care system that has more money than the country's wealth through their taxes, can bring, this is the debate. " "We will discuss where this money should come, who may arrive by different paths, the co-payment, taxes finalists, taxation ... The debate is not the instrument, but moved to the citizen is willing to pay more money to support the health system and see how much effort you are willing to do, "added the Minister Catalan.

However, no health care co-payment could be implemented only in Catalonia but his Government would, as explained Boi Ruiz is a decision that "affects the state." "Although we wish we would not have jurisdictional capacity to do so because they have to change certain laws to make co-payments, the first Statute of Catalonia itself, which is the only one saying that health care is free, and secondly the catalog of services National Health System. "