The Councilor of Health Marina Geli cree that the vast majority of pharmacists will have no trouble selling the pill poscoital. "I think the objection is somewhat anecdotal," he said.

The procedure aims to ensure a safe and effective use of the drug and provides the pharmacist interviewing the patient to verify that they have not spent more than 72 hours from the time it was unprotected sex, that women are not suffers from diseases such as liver dysfunction or gastrointestinal problems, and that taking drugs is not contraindicated, among other factors that discourage the use of this medicine.

We could sell to those under 13 to 16 years to consider the health professional with the ability and maturity to a child under 16 years and older or emancipated minors. The dispensing of this pill will be accompanied by recommendations and advice on sexual health prevention. Will also be given an information leaflet and a condom together with instructions on how to use it.

For those who can not access the medication without a prescription at your pharmacy, existing resources are typically: go to a clinic and a doctor prescribes.

"The purpose of this is to ensure women's access to the pill for sure," he said yesterday the general director of health care resources of the Generalitat, David Elvira. In his view, the possibility of acquiring the pill without a prescription will not grow too sale. The document will enter into force when the Spanish Medicines Agency in September, to launch the sale in pharmacies without a prescription also known as the morning after pill, as the Ministry of Health announced in May.