Catalan pharmacies collaborating with the San Juan de Dios Hospital in a campaign to raise the remaining € 600,000 to complete construction of the new Day Hospital, a care unit where children receive treatment need not be entered.

The campaign is the result of agreement between the San Juan de Dios Hospital and the Council of Colleges of Pharmacists of Catalonia.

The joint campaign began last October 2 with the offering for sale in pharmacies in Catalonia, a few boxes of candy that symbolically represent the fruits of the tree of small brave, referring to the decoration that will have the new space to simulate a forest.

The San Juan de Dios Hospital has become a benchmark for the treatment of chronic diseases in the pediatric population, which has led in recent years received more patients in Spain. This has led some of the facilities where these children are cared have been small and require a complete remodeling. This is the case of the day hospital.

The new facility will occupy an area of 850 square meters and will double its current capacity of 12-30 beds, incorporate technological tools of last generation and a more comfortable space for children and families served.

It is scheduled to become operational in February 2015. Hospital San Juan de Dios