Although monitoring is still uneven depending on the area in general, support the call for the majority. In the city of Toledo in a first alternative route with one closed institutions such as the tourist Zocodover Square, open to the street or lathe, but two separate posters in their windows in purple letters indicated that "The Sescam [the Health Service of Castilla-La Mancha] does not pay EDICINES pharmacies. " "This pharmacy, to the default by the SESCAM, soon may have difficulty in supplying drugs." Street Pharmacy Institute also was closed and it hangs a poster explaining the reasons.

And meanwhile, the Government of Castilla-La Mancha has insisted he is "disproportionate" decision to close pharmacies. In an interview with the Deputy Minister of Health of Castilla-La Mancha, Jesus Galvan, insisted in an interview on the Radio, from which the regional government has informed, that the closure is not covered by the legislation and warned: "The you do know that forces us to enforce the law and therefore to carry out the detection of the offense and put the appropriate sanction. "

Galván has also considered "totally disproportionate" decision to close pharmacies because what is given, he added, is "a temporary situation of financial liquidity in a highly regulated was used practically to collect cash." He said the situation is "not serious" and yes, however, "transient" and "herededada" the former Socialist government. "We have absolutely found the box empty and we are putting in place mechanisms for short and medium term," said the Deputy Minister of Health.