The key points of the "Corporate Commitment by the Clean Sport" includes a prior conviction and prevention work, along with the requirement for a strong commitment Sponsored rejection of these illegal practices. Finally, support is granted only to those organizations and athletes meeting all international agreements on combating doping.

Carlos Eiroa, ASISA advertising director, noted that "this agreement represents a milestone in the action against doping in Spain and particularly so for ASISA, as we maintain a strong and rooted commitment to supporting multiple sports. We want the sport maintains its values ​​of excellence, healthy spirit, effort and competition on equal terms and we are aware that as sponsors and, therefore, as a party involved in sport, we must make a strong effort against doping and against any practice that violates the essence of the sport. "

ASISA commitment to the promotion of sport as a healthy lifestyle habit that helps the development of core values ​​such as teamwork, competitiveness, improvement and consistency. In this sense, sponsors several different equipment categories and multiple sporting events, such as the Children's Soccer Tournament ASISA-Kingdom of León or handball team Malaga Costa del Sol

ASISA and swimming

Also maintains a strong foothold ASISA to swimming, a sport that has been working for about ten years with various initiatives, including sponsorship of 15th FINA World Swimming Championships (BCN 2013). The insurer sponsors the Spanish synchronized swimming team since 2005 and covers the athletes of the Royal Spanish Swimming Federation through an accident policy.

Photo: Spanish National Synchronized Swimming sponsored by ASISA