Brooke Greenberg is an American whose body and mind have refused to grow. He has not lost his baby teeth and is shown as a baby, your problem is not medical name, and lives in the bosom of a middle class family in Baltimore.

Brooke has three sisters, all with a normal level of growth and desarrollo.Unas photographs of him have been around the world. In one you see Brooke in the arms of his younger sister, 13 years old. Both smiling. in another, in the arms of his mother.

The 17-year-old girl this woman have been plagued by health problems, beginning with a hip operation that doctors had to practice at birth, in 1993, with just 1,800 grams in weight.

Brooke has not, from a medical standpoint, any genetic disease, but it is believed that their growth disorder has to do with a mystery well kept up to date in its genome.

The doctors ruled out any growth while Brooke has become the queen of the house, laughing, looking nervously at her mother and her sisters love to be held.

Nobody knows how long it can survive in these conditions. Melanie and Howard, their parents, have taken positive situation with resignation: "All mothers have ever had the desire to keep her baby forever, not grow."

Experts from the University of South Florida in Tampa, say the body of Brooke Greenberg is not a coordinated unit of development. Its different parts are for free. Grow your nails and hair. Just that.